Christmas Menu

      Set Menu £10/head

      Wine £10/bottle

      Beer £2.75

      Cake £2.00

      Coffee/Tea £1.00



      Normal Menu

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      We serve English breakfasts, Soup, Panini/Sandwiches/Wraps, Baguettes and baked potatoes, excellent coffee and cakes during the day, as well as Lebanese food from the menu and fine Lebanese wine.

      Warning: dishes may contain nuts


      Lentil soup (V)                                                £2.75
      Red lentil, potatoes and carrots cooked with cumin and lemon

      Vegetable soup (V)                                        £2.75
      Cauliflower, leek and Lebanese herbs


      Lebanese starters (served cold)

      Houmous (V)                                                   £2.25
      Boiled chick peas blended with sesame seed sauce, lemon and garlic

      Moutabel (V)                                                   £3.00
      Grilled aubergine blended with sesame seed sauce, lemon and garlic

      Taboule (V)                                                      £3.50
      Parsley, tomato, cracked wheat, mint and olive oil salad

      Haloumi salad (V)                                            £3.00
      Haloumi cheese salad with fresh leaves

      Labneh (V)                                                       £2.50
      Strained and thickened yoghurt, blended with garlic and dried mint leaves

      LebaneseSalad (V)                                         £2.50
      Mixture of fresh salad leaves marinated with lemon, garlic, dry mint and olive oil

      Vine leaves (V)                                               £2.90
      Vine leaves stuffed with rice and tomato

      Foul makalah broad beans (V)                      £2.90
      boiled with onion and garlic with Lebanese spices and olive oil

      Lebanese starters (served hot)

      Calamari                                                          £4.50
      Calamari marinated in a flour and onion coating and fried

      Whitebait                                                         £4.00
      Seasoned and deep fried whitebait served with a sour Tarator dip

      Houmous with lamb Schawarma                   £3.20
      Houmous with minced lamb marinated and topped with pine nuts and olive oil

      Crevette Provincial                                        £4.00
      Grilled king prawns sautéed with garlic and red peppers and flambéed with lemon

      Houmous with Shkshouki                              £3.50
      Pureed chick peas with sesame oil, lemon juice and a touch of garlic filled with spicy  minced lamb, cooked with green and red peppers and tomatoes.

      Foul Moukala (V)                                            £2.90
      Baby broad beans, cooked in olive oil, lemon juice and coriander

      Houmous with Schawarma chicken flakes  £3.20
      Houmous with chicken flakes marinated with garlic and olive oil

      Shaksuoki                                                        £3.20
      Spicy minced lamb, cooked with green and red peppers, tomatoes and garlic

      Sujuq                                                                £3.20
      Lebanese baby sausages, mildly hot and spiced, cooked with tomatoes and flambéed with white wine and lemon

      Chicken wings                                                £3.20
      Oven cooked with garlic and lemon

      Foul Medammas (V)                                       £3.20
      Slow cooked fava beans, mashed with garlic, lemon and olive oil

      Batata Harra (V)                                              £2.90
      Potatoes, coriander, chilli and garlic, shallow fried in olive oil

      Grean beans (V)                                             £2.90
      French beans cooked in olive oil, tomatoes, onion and garlic

      Okra (V)                                                            £2.90
      Okra, fried and baked with tomatoes, onion and garlic 

      Falafel (V)                                                        £3.00
      Croquette of chick peas and split fava beans mixed with garlic, coriander and spices and fried

      Cheese Sanbousek (V)                                  £3.00
      Pastry filled with feta cheese and parsley

      Spinach Fatayer (V)                                        £3.00
      Pastry filled with spinach, onions, pine kernels and lemon juice

      Chicken Schawarma                                      £3.20
      Baked chicken flakes marinated with garlic, lemon and peppers

      Lamb Schawarma                                           £3.20
      Baked lamb flakes, marinated with Lebanese spices and peppers

      Arayes                                                              £3.20
      Lebanese bread, filled with minced meat and grilled

      Kellage halloum (V)                                        £3.20
      Lebanese bread filled with halloumi cheese, thyme and charcoal grilled

      Lamb liver                                                       £3.00
      Lamb liver marinated with Lebanese spices and fried with garlic and lemon

      Kibbeh Maqlia                                                 £4.50
      Minced lamb with crushed wheat, stuffed with onions and pine kernels

      Zahra Maqlia (V)                                              £2.90
      Seasoned and fried cauliflower topped with sour Tarator dip

      Main Courses (served with rice and salad)

      Sea Bass Bil-remman                                   £10.50
      Grilled fresh fillets of Sea Bass, served on a bed of pureed baked aubergines, mixed with pomegranate seeds and chives, drizzled with a reduction of hot pomegranate sauce.

      Kastaletta                                                        £8.00
      Lamb chops lightly spiced and grilled

      Salinas special                                              £10.00
      Platter with Kafta, Taouk chicken, Kastaletta and Shawarma

      Shish Taouk                                                    £7.50
      Cubes of boneless chicken breast, marinated with garlic, tomatoes and lemon and grilled

      Kafta kebab                                                     £7.50
      Minced lamb mixed with parsely and onion and grilled

      Lahim Mashwi                                                 £8.50
      Tender lamb cubes marinated with Lebanese spices and herbs and grilled

      Lamb Shawarma                                             £7.50
      Lamb flakes marinated and baked with peppers, served with garlic mayo, chips and salad

      Chicken Shawarma                                        £7.50
      Chicken flakes marinated and baked with peppers, served with garlic mayo, chips and salad

      Dawood Basha Lamb                                     £7.50
      Lamb meat balls, baked in the oven with tomato sauce and served with rice

      Dawood Basha Chicken                                £7.50
      Marinated chicken cubes, baked in the oven with tomato sauce and served with rice

      Vegetarian Main Courses (served with rice and salad)

      Moussaka (V)                                                  £7.50
      Fried aubergine, cooked in the oven with tomato sauce and chick peas

      Makloubi (V)                                                    £7.50
      Fried cauliflower, mixed on vermicelli rice and served with salad

      Okra (V)                                                            £7.50
      Baked in the oven with tomato sauce and served with rice

      Set Menus available:
      Selection of Mezzeh starters, main course and dessert

      FullMezzeh                                                   £10.00

      Regular Set Menu                                        £12.99

      Exotic Set Menu                                           £14.99

      Salinas Special                                             £16.99



      French fries                                                    £1.50

      Rice                                                                  £2.00

      Lebanese bread                                             £0.50



      Baklawah                                                         £2.50

      Lebanese mixture sweets                             £2.50

      Cheese cake                                                   £2.50